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esther scherpenisse

Esther Scherpenisse is a young adult and science fiction writer. Her story Long for this World won the Paul Harland Prize (now: Harland Award) for best speculative genre short story. It was published in Space and Time Magazine in 2018. Esther has also published in Pure Fantasy Magazine and an anthology of Dutch speculative genre writers. She is currently working on her young adult science fiction novel, Envoy.

By Esther Scherpenisse

Long for this world

Space and Time Magazine, 2018

“The story keeps things short and sweet and packs a great punch when it comes to the main character’s choices. Fans of Persona may also enjoy the description of Death’s tower. Highly recommended.” – SFF Reviews

Other works


The story of Roslin Liu, the first Upper student to be allowed to study in Base after the Bicentennial War.

Ter ziele ebook

ter ziele

Dutch anthology. Contains award-winning story Ter ziele (Long for this World) as well as short story In de mist (Missed).


There are three things in life that terrify me, and since I’m escaping one, it seems only fair that I should face another.

– From: Envoy, chapter 1

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